The lite version of MIUI 13 Lite for budget smartphones is being prepared for release

The fresh MIUI 13 shell has pleased Xiaomi users with a whole host of new features, affordable personalization and stable performance. However, not all smartphones are hardware-ready for such a powerful shell. It is for this reason that MIUI 13 Lite is being prepared for the upcoming release.

MIUI 13 Lite is designed for more budget smartphones with not the strongest hardware.

Well-known insider and developer Katzper Skshipek published news about two new versions of MIUI, called MIUI Lite Version and MIUI Go Version. According to him, the “lightweight” version will be achieved by removing some animations, as well as several system elements and applications.

Thus, low-cost Xiaomi smartphones will receive a new shell, which even with a weak filling will work smoothly, quickly and stably.

The exact launch date of the update has not yet been announced, but we are keeping our finger on the pulse of events. Stay tuned to find out everything first.

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