TOP-3 chips of the Xiaomi camera

Xiaomi does everything to make its devices as functional as possible. In its camera systems, the giant of mobile technology has introduced a whole lot of “chips”, which we will tell you about today. Read below how to make a watermark on Xiaomi, and how to scan a document and stabilize the video.

How to add a watermark on Xiaomi

A watermark is an easy way to declare the uniqueness of the picture by adding your “digital signature” to it. This feature is available directly in the Xiaomi Camera app.

Below is detailed instruction on how to set up a watermark for your photos.

  • Open the Camera app, and go to Settings.
  • Click on “Watermark”, turn it on, and in the “Custom Watermark” menu, you can enter the desired text.

How to Scan a Document on Xiaomi

Today we live in a world where every second counts and everything needs to be done quickly. For this reason, we can no longer afford to run around in search of a copy center to scan and send some kind of work document.

Thanks to Xiaomi, which provided such a layout and introduced the ability to scan and digitize documents into its devices. The built-in application can not only convert a paper document to PDF but also add watermark protection to an important file.

Simple instructions for scanning documents:

  • Open the “Camera” application, and go to the “More” -“Documents” menu. You can scan the document, everything will happen automatically.

To add a network of wordmarks to a document, follow the same steps as in the instructions at the top and click the shield icon, then type the desired text.

How to Stabilize Videos on Xiaomi

Not all users have top smartphones of the company, on which the stabilization of the OIS picture is automatic and does not require any action from you. But what if you do not have the flagship Xiaomi in your hands, the electronic stabilization of EIS is not enough for you, and you want to get high-quality video?

Read a step-by-step algorithm for solving this problem:

  • Download the Google Photos app or go to it if it’s already installed. Select a video from the Photos folder.
  • On the video file, click “Edit” and “Stabilize”.

So, in our article, you have found as many as three ways to make your life easier using Xiaomi camera chips. Stay with us to find out all the most interesting lifes first.

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