How to set up a Xiaomi proximity sensor

All smartphone owners know that when you bring the device to your ear during a phone conversation, the screen should go out. However, sometimes this either does not happen at all, or the screen goes out earlier than it should. In this case, we can talk about problems with the proximity sensor.

To begin with, let’s immediately exclude a possible cause of a physical nature – poor-quality protective glass. Often, users resort to installing a more budgetary, non-original glass, which can be the cause of incorrect operation of the sensor.

Now you need to check if this feature is enabled at all? To do this, go to “Settings”“Applications”“System Applications”“Calls”“Incoming Calls”. Check the line “Proximity sensor”, and if necessary, switch the slider to the active position.

Turning off Pocket mode can also help. To do this, go to “Settings”“Lock screen”“Mode “In your pocket”. And turn it off.

Suppose all of the above actions did not help. So, how to set up a proximity sensor on Xiaomi? A step-by-step guide can be found below.

• Open “Settings”, click “About phone” and “All settings”.
• Click on the “Kernel Version” tab several times until the CIT engineering menu appears.

• Click on three points at the top right, select “Additional tools”-“Proximity sensor”.
• Perform the test: bring your hand to the sensor, the value at the top should reach zero.
• Remove your hand and press “Calibrate”. The value at the bottom should be exactly 5.

If, despite all your efforts, the problem persists, contact the service center, where qualified masters will quickly find the cause of the problem and eliminate it.

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