Will Vivo X80 and X80 Pro get the Android 13 (OriginOS 4.0) update?

As far as Chinese smartphone OEMs in the world market right now are concerned, there are a couple of competitors playing an important role in providing us with better devices with better specifications and features. Vivo is one of them and is going head-to-head to deliver the latest Android OS update to its eligible devices. Now, the interested VivoX80 and VivoX80 Pro users are eager to know if the device will get the official update of Android 13 (OriginOS 4.0) or not.

To be precise, Vivo has officially announced that both models of the Vivo X80 series will receive the Android 13 Beta update through the Developer Preview Program. As Google recently released the latest Android 13 Beta 3.3 update for its first beta testers, users of the Vivo X80 series are also excited about the developer preview program. Well, the response is quite positive and exciting because Vivo has already released the OriginOS 4.0 Beta firmware.

Will Vivo X80 and X80 Pro get the Android 13 (OriginOS 4.0) update?

What’s new in Android 13?

Android 13 (codename: Tiramisu) is the latest version of the Android operating system which is the successor to Android 12. Although most eligible devices currently run on the Android 12 version, some of the device models are eligible to receive the Android 13 Beta firmware update faster than anyone else. Android 12 was simply based on the ‘Material You’ design and Android 13 is an extended version of it with many unique features as well.

Android 13 offers a new quick settings tile, nearby device permission for Wi-Fi, language preferences by app, themed app icons, auto-wipe clipboard function, new user profile switcher, enhanced privacy dashboard, LED flash brightness control, new Hub mode for tablets, UI support, and lock screen for larger or foldable devices, Improved notification permissions, Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) audio support, and more.

In addition, it brings new colour vector fonts, new Task Manager like active services notifications, an app drawer on the taskbar, updated Media Controls, improved media output selector, clipboard pop-up, unblocked smart home device control, granular vibration controls for calls/SMS/media, a new search bar in the pixel launcher, Wi-Fi 7 support, more material colour options, improved screen protector, multiple eSIM support, faster game charging, etc.

While the Android 13 operating system also provides HDR video support in Camera2API, DNS over HTTPS, DND mode renamed as ‘Priority Mode’, new animation in the Media Controls, granular permissions for media file access, improved memory management, split-screen app launch from your notifications, easier screen resolution settings, Improved security and privacy settings, predictive animations of backward gestures, new emojis, web suggestions in search and soon.

Speaking of the official public release of Android 13, if we dive into the previous releases, Google prefers to publicly release the new Android OS update as a stable version in the third quarter of each year. Therefore, we expect Google to be in the same trend this year as well. So, keep an eye on that. If you want to know more about Android 13, you can visit here.

OriginOS 4.0 – Overview

The emergence of OriginOS occurred around two years ago in 2020 for Vivo devices in China. Then, the OriginOS Ocean update came as the second generation for a group of eligible device models. Now, the latest edition of OriginOS Ocean (OriginOS 4.0) is rolling out to the Vivo X80 and X80 Pro models with the Android 13 Beta. As the device gets more developer preview updates in the coming months, we’ll learn more about it.

Will Vivo X80 and X80 Pro get the Android 13 (OriginOS 4.0) update?

Yes! Interested Vivo X80 and Vivo X80 Pro device users can now download and install the Android 13 Beta firmware available through the Developer Preview Program. Here we have shared all the details necessary to get a practical experience. It’s worth mentioning that the initial developer preview builds are prone to glitches and bugs that can lead to instability issues. Developer Preview builds are intended for developers to only test their application’s compatibility with a new operating system.


The Beta 1 update of the Vivo Android 13 developer preview program was released on May 12, 2022, for the Vivo X80 and X80 Pro devices. Currently, you will get a much more stable build with the latest update file than before.

Note: It is strongly recommended to back up all important data before jumping to the android 13 Beta program because it will completely erase the storage data from the device.

Disclaimer: Techsblogger will not have any kind of liability if something goes wrong with your device. This is the beta version of the developer and may contain bugs or issues, as usual. So, make sure you back up it first and then try it on your secondary device. Having the developer beta on your primary device may not be suitable as a daily driver. Proceed at your own risk.


Known issues:

There are a couple of known issues or bugs present in this beta version of the developer right now that could cause a lot of problems for users. Once the public beta or stable final version is released, the most common issues should be fixed. But as of now, you might experience some bugs depending on the model you’re using with the Android 13 developer beta.

ParaVivo X80:

  1. There is no built-in input method in Settings.
  2. System Navigation Configure three-button navigation. When you click the Back key to enter any interface, there is no response.
  3. The notification bar displays an exception indicating that the data is abnormal.

ParaVivo X80 Pro:

  1. Charge and heat.
  2. The brightness cannot be adjusted after enabling automatic backlighting.
  3. After connecting the Bluetooth to the headphones, the sound cannot be emitted.

Download android 13 beta firmware (OriginOS 4.0)

Depending on your specific model number of the Vivo X80 series, you can download the compatible Android 13 Beta firmware file via the following link:Device model download linkMD5 checksumVivoX80PD2183F_EX_A_13.0.0.4.W20. V000L1-update-full.zip7053608a157d39cdb4bb4fa634e993a8VivoX80 ProPD2185F_EX_A_13.0.1.7.W20. V000L1-update-full.zipd22a51c453d8f16d445b334481999cb9

Steps to upgrade to Android 13 beta

Follow the steps below to update the latest Android 13 developer preview on your Vivo X80/X80 Pro device. The process is quite simple and you don’t need any additional permission or knowledge to do the same.

  • First of all, download the Vivo X80 or X80 Pro Developer Preview firmware package from the link above on a PC.
  • Now, connect the phone to the PC via a USB cable> Make sure to select the phone USB settings towards File Transfer Mode once the device is connected.
  • Copy the downloaded firmware package to the root directory of the Vivo X80 or X80 Pro storage. [Internal Storage Without Any Folders]
Will Vivo X80 and X80 Pro get the Android 13 (OriginOS 4.0) update?
  • Next, go to the device. Settings menu > Tap on the System Update app
  • Select Local Update > You can find the transferred software package in the root directory.
  • Then tap on the firmware file and select ‘Update Now’ when prompted.
  • Wait for the firmware update process to complete.
  • It may take some time, so have a little patience.
  • Once done, your device will restart on the Android 13 system automatically.
  • Be sure to go through the initial setup process to access the home screen.
  • You are good to go. Enjoy!

Steps to uninstall Android 13 Beta Developer Preview (revert to Stable Android 12)

It is possible that the Beta version of Android 13 is not so stable or that you did not like it much for some reason. If that’s happening and if you want to roll back or roll back to the stable version of Android 12 from the Android 13 developer Beta, then you can. Just download the corresponding old version firmware package from the link below and follow the same steps to install it.

Warning: Do not try to download the rollback firmware from other third-party channels because it may cause a crash or restart issues. Before uninstalling the beta version of Android 13, make sure you back up your important data.

Device modelDownload linkMD5 checksum

VivoX80 PD2183F_EX_A_13.0.0.4.W20. V000L1-update-full.zip7053608a157d39cdb4bb4fa634e993a8

VivoX80 Pro PD2185F_EX_A_13.0.1.7.W20. V000L1-update-full.zipd22a51c453d8f16d445b334481999cb9

How to send feedback on bugs or issues?

If you have any issues with Android 13 Beta on your Vivo device, be sure to open the Feedback app to send issues with the necessary information and screenshots.

That’s it, guys. We assume you found this guide helpful. For more inquiries, you can comment below.

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