How Mi Band 7 Pro differs from Mi Band 7 and which to choose

Xiaomi pleased us not only with new smartphones, but also with a new fitness bracelet: more precisely, not so new, but painfully familiar. Remember we told you about the drawbacks of the Mi Band? It was in the new Mi Band 7 Pro that all the wishes were taken into account! The bracelet has changed a lot, although we have already met such a form factor in many gadgets. However, he has at least enough differences from Mi Band 7: due to them, the legendary wristband, I am sure, will find new fans who previously turned their noses from it in the direction of more premium Samsung watches and Apple Watch. We tell you how the Mi Band 7 Pro turned out and which Mi Band to choose now.

The new Mi Band 7 Pro has been released. Forget about what the Xiaomi bracelet was like

Mi Band 7 Pro exterior view

It seems that Xiaomi decided not to bother with the design of Mi Band 7 Pro and simply released another Bracelet Amazfit or Redmi: the fact is that the Pro version of the fitness accessory looks completely different and it does not recognize the very compact Mi Band, to which everyone is so accustomed. Neither a capsule nor straps – there is nothing in common with Mi Band and you need to get used to it. On the other hand, everything has become better in general, and this can not but rejoice.

Mi Band 7 Pro is a brand new fitness bracelet. And more interesting

  • The resolution of the AMOLED screen is 280 * 456 pixels, and the diagonal is 1.64 inches – only 0.2 inches more than the usual Mi Band, but the screen itself has grown in size.
  • The “proshka” also has Always On Display, so the fitness bracelet, more like a smartwatch, will not need to be activated once again.
  • More than 180 new watch faces.
  • New strap mount – except for colours, nothing to do with Mi Band 7.
  • There was a light sensor: now it adjusts the brightness by the level of illumination around, and not by time.
  • Water-resistant to 5 ATM, which corresponds to immersion in water, shower and rain. But this, of course, is not worth checking.

But the external changes of the Mi Band 7 Pro are far from the most important thing. Even more interesting developers are left inside! And yes, we remember that the bracelet is called Smart Band 7 Pro, but out of habit, we call it Mi Band.

Mi Band 7 Specifications

The new Xiaomi bracelet has become even sportier, although, it would seem, well, where else? Now it does not need to be tied to a smartphone – a GPS sensor has been built into the Mi Band, which sports fans have been waiting for a long time. This means that to track, say, a morning jog, you do not have to take a phone – your route on the map Mi Band 7 Pro will fix without it.

“Proshka” has become more presentable: rather, a smartwatch, rather than a fitness bracelet

For this energy-intensive module, the developers installed an improved battery – as much as 235 mAh, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of Mi Band 7 (180 mAh). According to the developers, this will be enough for 12 days of work without recharging – the difference with the usual version is 2 days. By the way, you can always optimize Mi Band, so by disabling unnecessary functions, you can use it even longer.

Traditionally, the device has a heart rate sensor, a function to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, but more pleases 14 professional sports modes, which is 10 more than the Mi Band 7. The bracelet received 117 training modes. In addition, the developers mentioned advanced monitoring features for different phases of sleep, which gives hope for a more accurate analysis than ever.

Main chip Mi Band 7 Pro

Brand new straps are what sets the Mi Band 7 Pro apart

If you think that the screen is the main difference between the Mi Band 7 Pro, then take a look at the straps: now they have new mounts, reminiscent, rather, of the Apple Watch. Of course, there can be no talk of any compatibility with the straps of previous versions – and this is the main plus. Such straps are a more reliable option than before: they definitely will not break, they will collect less dirt, and it will become much more difficult to lose Mi Band. The capsule itself will not pop out if you do not try hard, and the traditional mount from the usual watch is a more proven option.

Which Mi Band to choose

We have never seen such a Mi Band. A worthy upgrade!

Given the fact that Mi Band 7 Pro has changed the design, now buyers are faced with a new dilemma: a smartwatch or a fitness bracelet? However, here and so everything is clear: those who like an unpretentious compact gadget can safely choose Mi Band 7, but if you need a more familiar eye form factor of smartwatches, NFC and GPS in the kit, then Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro exists for you.

Changes in Mi Band 7 Pro affected the price. But not critical: at least in China: at the start of sales Mi Band 7 Pro will cost 379 yuan (about 3200 rubles), and later – 399 yuan (3400 rubles), which is about 1300 rubles more than the usual Mi Band 7. Surely in Russia, the gadget will cost about 4-5 thousand rubles, which, in my opinion, is quite democratic.

Buy Mi Band 7 Pro right now

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