How to find a Xiaomi Redmi phone through Mi Account and Google Account

In this article, we have written two ways how to find a Xiaomi Redmi phone. The first way is with the help of Mi Account, the second with the help of Google services. These methods are suitable for smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO running on the MIUI shell.

Find your Xiaomi phone by Mi account

To find a Xiaomi phone through your Mi account, activate the Find My Phone feature. To activate it, log in or create an account in the Mi account in the phone settings. After that, go to the Xiaomi Cloud service and turn on Find My Phone.

Mi account in the settings of the Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi Cloud Service

Find my phone function

For the search to work, your phone must be connected to a network via Wi-Fi or mobile internet. If the Internet is turned off on the smartphone, then it will not be possible to track the lost device. GPS must also be enabled on the phone to determine the location.

  • To find your phone, go to the Mi Cloud page, click the Login via Mi account button and enter your login and password.
  • In the window that opens, click the Find My Device tab. After that, a world map with the location of the phone will open.
  • The upper-right corner shows the devices associated with your account. If you tap on the device you will see a menu that displays the battery charge when the phone was detected and the status – online or offline.

There are also three buttons – sound, loss mode and erase data.

  • The sound button turns on the smartphone a loud sound. This function is needed to find the phone in the room. You can only mute the sound on your phone, you can’t turn it off from your computer.
  • The loss mode button locks the phone so that attackers do not gain access to personal data. Before locking, create and enter a four-digit PIN. To unlock your phone, you’ll need to enter the PIN.
  • The erase button deletes all information from the phone and the SD card. After uninstalling it, you will not be able to find the phone.

Find your Xiaomi phone through google account

Google’s search function works in the same way as searching through a Mi account. To activate the search, create or log in to a Google account on your Xiaomi phone. After that, the Google Maps app will track the location of the device.

To track, the device must also be connected to a network via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

To find your smartphone, go to the Google Find My Device page and enter the Google login and password of the account to which the phone is linked.

After entering the data, a map with the location of the smartphone will open. On the left will be a panel where the name of the phone, the battery charge and when the phone was online are displayed.

Below will be the buttons – ring, lock the device and wipe the device. These buttons work in the same way as buttons in the Mi account.

  • The ring button turns on the beep on your phone.
  • Lock device button – locks the phone and logs out of your Google account.
  • Button to wipe the device – deletes all information from the smartphone and SD card.

Also, the lost Xiaomi phone can be found using another Android device, for this install the Find My Device application.

How to Find Xiaomi’s Phone If It’s Turned Off

If the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone has a dead battery or the device is turned off – the only way to find the phone is to contact the police department.

The department will be asked to write a statement about the loss of the smartphone. In the application, you need to specify the IMEI of the lost phone, passport details and a receipt for the purchase of the device. The IMEI of the smartphone is located in the box where the phone was located.

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