Test drive of smartwatch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

HUAWEI greets its fans with a wearable smart gadget. Recall that for the first time we learned about watch Fit 2 after the conference in Milan, where the brand presented global versions of the gadgets already familiar to us.

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

It is not surprising that against the background of the Mate Xs 2, Watch GT 3 Pro or Huawei Band 7 smartwatch Watch Fit 2 with three types of straps (we will serve this curious nuance a little later – like an exquisite dish in a restaurant) seemed to users a breath of fresh air.

Well, with Techsblogger reviewing again? You will find a lot of nice things ahead!

Traditionally, let’s start with design.

A few words about the equipment… Traditionally, white packaging with the brand’s red brand logo has almost nothing to hide inside: a smartwatch, a cord for recharging (without a block) and waste paper from the manufacturer (warranty card and manual).

It would seem that it is elementary to make a review of a smartwatch: here is a screen for you, and here is a screen on a strap. Only! But HUAWEI forces us to go down a difficult path because the brand provided the buyer’s choice of Watch Fit 2 with three options for the strap, and several more versions for each group:

  • Watch Fit 2 is an “active” version with a silicone strap in three shades: classic black, soft pink and pale blue.
  • Watch Fit 2 is a “classic” version with a leather strap in two shades: grey and milky white.
Тест-драйв умных часов HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

Incredibly pleased when the manufacturer himself gives many design versions of one gadget – there is no need to buy the strap you like separately if you can immediately buy a branded and to taste. Although I still wonder why HUAWEI decided to call the version of a smartwatch with a leather strap “classic” because the silicone straps used everywhere are considered traditional and ageless classics due to their versatility. Well, let’s miss this moment!

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

Smartwatches received a large rectangular and pleasantly rounded AMOLED screen on the sides, which, due to the possibility of customizing the dials, can be decorated in a variety of ways: the choice is 8,000 options for the main screen. The power button is on the right. The bezel of the screen in colour, by the way, corresponds to the strap.

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

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Many argue that the Watch Fit 2 is very similar to the Band 7 model with a noticeable superiority in functionality. And in general, in appearance, this is a kind of hybrid of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker (only the “Watch” in the product name stops, and on the site, the device is located in the section next to other watches). Another design in the shape of the side faces resembles the Apple Watch 6 – only the screen is more “oblong”.

What about the screen?

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

Again, in front of us is a 1.74-inch color AMOLED-display, which already suggests the idea of a high-quality and bright contrast matrix. Also note that this type of screen is characterized by independent illumination of each pixel, so that energy consumption decreases, and autonomy increases. In the sun, the screen of a smart watch will also not dim.

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

The screen resolution is 336×480 pixels (with a density of 336 PPI), and the weight without a strap is about 26-30 g. A slight discrepancy in this parameter is explained by the fact that the material of the finish of the screen case depends on the version: the active version received a polymer on both sides, the classic version – aluminium in front and polymer in the back.

By the way, the polymer is very similar in feel to metal, so many will not even understand that the case (the active version of the watch) is made of plastic.


If you have not yet realized that this product from HUAWEI is cool, then the list of features of the functionality will allow you to make sure of this completely. Let’s start, perhaps, with the lightweight mechanism of quick-detachable fastening of the strap, so that it is easily removed and replaced with another.

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

We have already mentioned the ability to install any of the huge numbers of dials (or your picture/photo via smartphone), to which the variability of training modes with voice comments for sports and light fitness lovers is added. 7 of the possible 97 training modes are complemented by an animated image of the correct execution of exercises, so when getting acquainted with the device as a sports assistant, it is better to start with them.

The tracker can control stress, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation level, and tracks the female cycle and sleep. To make the life of the owner of the watch even better, the device will be able to instil useful habits, for example, conscious breathing or normalized fluid replenishment.

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

Judging by the information on the official website of HUAWEI, the level of protection against moisture allows you to safely wet your watch and swim in shallow water (pool, sea), but users are warned against diving to the depths with scuba gear. However, we advise you to completely abandon the “water” ventures: that is, you should not remove the watch if you are caught in the rain, but before the shower, it is better to remove them from your hand. It all depends on the user and his love of risk 🙂

Also, according to the manufacturer, the operating temperature of smartwatches is a take-off from −10 to + 45 degrees.

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

call? Yes, Easy! There is a speaker and microphone for making Bluetooth calls via your smartphone, and you can answer incoming calls with a single touch. Just add the numbers you frequently call to speed dial through the app. Synchronization of notifications from messengers – there is nothing to say about this. Otherwise, you can control the watch using a voice assistant (for example, the assistant will be able to notify you about the weather or set an alarm at your request).

Up to 5,000 songs can be downloaded to the watch through the proprietary music service. Do you understand what we are getting at? Watch Fit 2 supports independent playback of audio songs and can even be synchronized with workouts to make the process more enjoyable. In this regard, one smart watch can replace a smartphone or laptop with multiple tabs enabled.

Additionally, you can transfer files through HUAWEI devices with one touch. There is NFC!

Тест-драйв умных часов HUAWEI Watch Fit 2

And we will complete with such an important parameter as the autonomy of work: up to 10 days of inactive and 7 days of active use. Again, judging by the official information on the manufacturer’s website. And according to our measurements, it turned out that during the day during which we passed more than 16 thousand steps (not counting movements in transport), using all possible synchronizations and notifications, the clock was hooked by only 2%. How do you like this indicator?

Test drive of smart watch HUAWEI Watch Fit 2


HUAWEI Watch Fit 2 – a cool smartwatch with a large display, which will display a little more information than on watches of a similar format from other manufacturers. Their design similarity with Apple is not annoying, but, on the contrary, ranks the Watch Fit 2 as a kind of “elite classic”. At the same time, the watch will be cheaper, offering users an expanded set of functions.

Especially pleased with the music! The brand has taken care of customers so much that it seems that the next version of the smartwatch will allow you to connect a wireless headset and even use the watch to listen to audio.

But we will not look ahead, but only firmly advise the Watch Fit 2 to buy!

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