The smartphone fell into the water – what to do?

In this article, we talk about what not to do with a phone that fell into the water and what to do if the phone fell into the water, and there was no service center nearby.

What not to do with a phone that has fallen into the water

  • Do not check the operation of the phone, do not press the buttons, do not shake the phone and move around the screen. these actions will cause the fluid to spread in the device
  • Do not turn on the phone and do not put on charge after falling into the water, it threatens a short circuit. If the phone works after a fall – turn it off
  • Do not dry your phone with a hair dryer or other heating device because hot airflow will damage the components of the device
  • Do not insert cotton swabs, toothpicks, paper and other objects into the holes of the smartphone. This will lead to even more damage.
  • Do not dry the phone in the microwave, because of this the phone will finally fail
  • Do not dry the phone in the freezer, because frozen and unappropriated moisture will melt and condensation will be added

The phone fell into the water, what to do?

  • Take out the phone and put it on a dry surface, if the phone is wearing a case – remove it, this will allow moisture to evaporate faster
  • Remove the SIM card and memory card from your smartphone
  • Find the nearest service center and take your smartphone as soon as possible. After the phone fell into the water, electrochemical corrosion of the tracks on the board inside the device began, which cannot be stopped without indiscriminately and completely drying. Therefore, we do not recommend drying the phone at home.
  • It is also worth understanding that, repairing the phone after getting moisture is a lottery and no one will give guarantees that the device will work properly.

If you do not have the opportunity to contact the service center shortly, we have written recommendations that will help slow down electrochemical corrosion.

To do this:

  • Find dry wipes or a towel and remove all excess moisture. Act gently without twisting, turning over, or shaking the device so that water does not get into the holes
  • Put the phone in a container with cereals that takes moisture. For this, rice, semolina or barley are suitable.
  • Place the phone so that water flows down through the connectors
  • Close the container so that the cereal does not absorb moisture from the air
  • Leave the phone in this position for 1-2 days
  • After following the recommendation, take the time and take the phone to the service center

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