3 ways to increase the performance of your Xiaomi smartphone

How to Speed Up Xiaomi Redmi Phones

Many Owners of Xiaomi smartphones have noticed that the MIUI user interface has many useful features, but it tends to work slowly, as developers are still actively working on its performance. In this article, we tell you how to increase the production of smartphones Xiaomi, Redmi and POKO.

Automatic cache clearing

The first way is to set up automatic cache clearing according to your needs, thanks to which the phone will work more stably.

  • To do this, open “Settings” – “Battery and Power”, click on the gear in the upper right corner and set the cache clearing interval at your discretion.

Automatically launch applications

The second method of acceleration will affect the automatic launch of applications when the smartphone is turned on because often the operation of the device deteriorates with a large number of them.

  • To configure it, go to “Settings” – “Applications”“Permissions” – “Autoplay”. Select only the apps you need from the list.

Verification of energy-consuming processes

You can find out which apps are using the most battery and limit their use to extend battery life.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” – “Battery and Performance”. At the bottom, you’ll see “Rating” and power consumption graphs, and you’ll be able to use apps you don’t need less.

In addition to these tips, we recommend that you restart the device from time to time with strong “braking”.

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