It became known when MIUI 14 will be released. The date was not chosen by chance

Xiaomi is a very interesting company that, when releasing each new version of the operating system, is guided by something of its own, and an unprepared person does not always understand this connection and the order of things. Especially when there is a discrepancy between Android versions and MIUI versions. Now we will not get into these wilds, but talk about what awaits us in the near future. Namely, when the new version of MIUI 14 will be released, why on this day, and not on some other, and whether it is worth expecting something outstanding from it. Spoiler alert: there is not long to wait, but the information is not yet official.


The release of MIUI 14 is awaited by many and it should appear soon.

Xiaomi’s new operating system

The release of MIUI 13 was eagerly awaited at the time, and although reports talk about an interim update to MIUI 13.5, there is already some evidence of the appearance of MIUI 14. This is only the “first swallow” and shortly, we are waiting for a lot of new information about the large numbered update of the operating system of smartphones Xiaomi.

Now that the doors are open, we expect there to be a lot of leaks in the coming days. And all this is against the background of the fact that some phone models still have not received MIUI 13. Given this, it is not surprising that Xiaomi is trying to carry out the work without much publicity. But do not forget that companies rarely openly talk much about the new operating system before it appears.

New version of MIUI

However, the guys from found evidence of the upcoming update. They decompiled some system applications from the software’s codebase and found references to MIUI 14. In this leak, the code name “new” appears, which belongs to the upcoming Xiaomi 13.

After decompiling system applications, the developers found evidence of an update to MIUI 14. Xiaomi is conducting internal testing of MIUI 14 on supported devices, as well as on some that are still in development – such as the Xiaomi 13. Although there are still a few months left before the release of this device, we can be sure that the company is already working on it. Perhaps there are even ready-made test samples that go through the initial stages of verification and are preparing for launch.

NOT ALL phones will receive MIUI 14. Not everyone has yet received even MIUI 13.

Will MIUI 13.5 be released?

According to the report, Xiaomi may prepare for an unexpected deployment of MIUI 14. The surprise is that MIUI 13.5 will still not be, and the fourteenth version will be released immediately after the thirteenth.

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When will MIUI 14 be released?

It is reported that MIUI 14 will be released on August 16. You can see a certain message in this because it was on this day, but twelve years earlier, the first version of MIUI was born, which did not even have anything to do with the company’s smartphones, but marked the beginning of a long journey and the rapid rise of Xiaomi to the peaks on which it is now.

That is why Xiaomi can prepare a special event in honour of this date. Of course, so far this is only rumours in half with assumptions, but there are only a few weeks left until August 16, which means that information will rapidly become more and more. The company itself is likely to launch a marketing campaign sometime before the announcement if it is going to release something. In this case, just a few days remain before the appearance of the first official information.

It is too early to talk about the innovations of MIUI 14, but they will be.

What will be new in MIUI 14

While there is no information about what will be special in the new version of the operating system. But there is no doubt that there will be some new design elements, fresh animations, new widgets and additional features. However, what exactly they will be, we will find out only after the launch or from the official teasers of the company.

For now, you can share your opinion on what you are waiting for or what you would like to see in the new version of MIUI. Write about it in the comments or on our Telegram chat.

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