Jio SIM Barcode

My Jio SIM Barcode is Lost/Stolen. How Can I Retrieve It? Trick

The welcome free plan by Reliance Jio SIM made clamour in the telecom industry in India. You will hardly find anyone who does not use Jio 4G. Jio SIM is providing free internet data to its users until 31 December 2016. Howecer, there are many people who are facing problems regarding 4G Mobile barcode for purchasing Jio SIM. Many users get the barcode but others already use their Jio SIM barcode. We will tell you

What Is Google AdSense Invalid Click Activity – Report to Google

I know many bloggers and webmasters from my experience who quit blogging because their Google AdSense account was disabled due to invalid click activity. If Google AdSense is your main income source, this is going to hurt you most because no other network is more paying and stable as Google AdSense. What is Google AdSense Invalid Click Activity? According to Google, any clicks or impressions generated by publishers clicking their own ads falls in Invalid

install or download pokemon go for pc

How To Install or Download Pokemon Go For PC – Tips And Tricks

You have come this far to know how to install or download Pokemon Go for PC (Pokémon). And who would not like to install or  download Pokemon Go for PC? It is one of the Sagas – the most famous game in the history of gaming, be it a PC or Smartphone. The teenagers would remember this game for a long time while the adults would be enjoying and exploring this game to bring more

Micro Niche Website

How to Earn $1000 per Month by Making a Micro Niche Website

Many people ask about how to earn money online through blogging, and especially what is Micro Niche Website and how can we earn at least $1000 per month. As you know internet has become a source of making money online, sitting in your cosy room on a sofa or chair. Blogging is one of the most interesting and known source of making money online. Blogging gives you money 24/7. Micro Niche Website or Micro Niche

Web Directory Submission

What is Web Directory? The Importance of Web Directory for SEO

We will talk about web directory submission and its importance for SEO. Submitting your blog or article in a web directory can increase your website traffic and impact positively on SEO of your website. This is the easiest way to make backlinks on a blog and improve ranking of your website or blog on search engines. When we complete our website and start writing the articles or blogs, the first thing comes to our mind:

Connect Internet to Your Laptop

Three Ways How To Connect Internet To Your Laptop With Jio 4G SIM

If you have a smartphone that support 4G, then you must also have Jio SIM and you must be enjoying internet and free calls. However, do you know how to connect internet to your laptop with Jio 4G SIM or with your computer? Do you know that you can use Reliance Jio 4G SIM to connect your laptop and computer to enjoy fast internet speed? I will tell you three ways how to connect internet

Rank Quickly In Search Engines

How to rank my blog or article quickly in Search Engines? Tips

Many bloggers, including me, always write something on some topic and want that blog or article rank quickly in Search Engines. This is natural because sometimes there is a trend that attracts a lot of traffic. When we write a blog or an article on any trending topic, we expect our blog or article rank quickly in search engines, bringing us more and more visitors. I have seen many bloggers complaining why their blog or

Facebook Video Virus with Picture – How to Get Rid and Get Safe!

Many people are having an annoying experience on Facebook and that is Facebook Video Virus. This is spreading very fast. Many Facebook users do not even know and their message is sent to their friends with a picture and video. People who receive this message open it and are affected with the virus because this chain of sending message automatically spreads all over the Facebook. One of the dangerous sign is that this virus is

Earn Money Online

How To Earn Money Online Without Investing A Penny? Popular Ideas

Many people want to know how to earn money online without investing a penny! This is because we hear from our friends or someone else that “someone” is working online from home, earning and became millionaire. Well, it is true but it is not an easy task. It takes time to earn money online. It requires knowledge and correct implementation of the knowledge. Not everyone can be successful – many come with a big dream

Duplicate Content or Plagiarism

What is Duplicate Content or Plagiarism? Disadvantages in SEO

If you do not know what is a duplicate content or plagiarism, then this is the right place to learn about it and memorise it so that when you write next time (or copy from other sources), this article must be in your mind. As a blogger, you MUST know what negative impact it can bring to your website and how the Search Engines will penalise you for duplicating content or practising plagiarism. So what

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